An incredible meeting!

I had the honor this week to host the very first WorldWide Orphans Organization event in Canada.  It gave me the opportunity to meet face to face an extraordinary woman, Dr. Jane Aronson , Founder of the WWO. Dr Aronson is a leader in adoption medicine and actor Hugh Jackman described her like this “ She has a heart the size of Texas and a drive like Tiger Woods, and she has made a huge difference to countless children and their families.” Her goal is to help kids in orphanages like Bulgaria and Haiti to have a fair chance in life by providing them with what they need; a nice shelter, food, toys, education and a loving environment.  I was greatly moved by this 62 year old woman who is quite fascinating when she talks about where she’s been, the people she met and why this mission is important to her. Go take a look  on youtube, you’ll understand what I mean! image