14 Jul

2 great guys on my radio show

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01 Jul

Hosting Canada Day on Parliement Hill

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28 May

Had lots of fun co-hosting The Social on CTV

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Had lots of fun co-hosting on the show. The girls were great and very welcoming!IMG_2986 IMG_2989 IMG_3001 IMG_3008

03 May

“Mum, am I a nigga too?”

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“Mum, am I a nigga too?” Such is the question I was forced to answer this morning when my 7 year-old son came down for breakfast. To be honest, the words to answer were hard to find. There’s a fine line between explaining our ancestors’ history to my children and trying to raise them in a world where their skin colour is neither a hurdle nor a detriment. All that, while giving them the tools to face possible, eventual racist comments.
What baffles me in the aftermath of Donald Sterling and P.K. Subban distractors – even more so than their ignoble words, is that some seem surprise by the fact racism is alive and well in our 2014 society. I find that, fascinating. I’ve been saying it for years: there is difference between tolerance and acceptance. The first is jammed with compromise while the latter, is all about love. What’s bred in the bone will come out in the flesh …
So people and the media were offended by Sterling’s comments and by the N-word festival on social media, following PK’s winning goal when the Habs met the Bruins, Thursday night? Good! But when you’re a member of a “visible minority”, you very well know the battle is far from being over and won. Prejudice you see, is here, there and still too often. If anything, perhaps this debacle will force us to address racism beyond the month of February.
If P.K. Subban was raised like I was and like most sons & daughters of immigrants I know, he will not reply to his detractors with words. He’ll reply with action. Trust that he’ll be on fire during the playoffs and will once again prove to be a valuable asset to the Canadiens. And, to my 7 year-old I say: “No one can reduce you to the colour of your skin. Be the best that you can be. If people insult you, answer with excellence”.

17 Apr

Going Crazy

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I know, I haven’t written in a while on this blog but tell you honestly, between Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, emails etc., I am going nuts!!!!!
Am I the only one that feels like I’m spending more time feeding social media instead of feeding my brain with good books? Glad to have 4 days off for Easter Weekend. What will I do ? Less tweeting and more reading…

I’ll be spending some time with Donna Tartt’s book THE SECRET STORY.

Enjoy this long weekend with friends and family!

07 Jan

Superfoods to help cleanse your body!

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Hey guys,

I wanted to share this info with you. If you are like me, after indulging in food and beverages during the Holidays, you want to cleanse your body without doing a drastic diet!  Here are some superfoods I read about that will help you get back into shape……Make a drink with apple and pineapple once a day. Drink this in the morning or mid-day before a meal. Avoid removing the pulp, which is high in fiber and good for the colon. Apples are good for the intestines  and Pineapples contain vitamins, minerals, fiber and enzymes which help promote healthy digestion.  A third fruit you should get…Lemon…Drink  glasses of water with a few squeezes of lemon. Drink this about an hour to two hours before bed. lemon is good for the liver, cleans out toxins and provides vitamin C. Let’s get our bikini shape back!!!!!

31 Dec

End of the road….

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This is my last entry of 2013! Thank God this year is over…it was a tough one for so many! I hope your passage in 2014 will be smooth, peaceful and JOYFUL!  I know for many, this is a great time to reflect on the past year but since I’m the kinda girl that prefers to look ahead, I like to find an expression or a word ( like action, determination, spontaneous, etc.) that wil be theme for my coming year.  On that note, I wish you all the best in 2014…xxxx

28 Nov

An incredible meeting!

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I had the honor this week to host the very first WorldWide Orphans Organization event in Canada.  It gave me the opportunity to meet face to face an extraordinary woman, Dr. Jane Aronson , Founder of the WWO. Dr Aronson is a leader in adoption medicine and actor Hugh Jackman described her like this “ She has a heart the size of Texas and a drive like Tiger Woods, and she has made a huge difference to countless children and their families.” Her goal is to help kids in orphanages like Bulgaria and Haiti to have a fair chance in life by providing them with what they need; a nice shelter, food, toys, education and a loving environment.  I was greatly moved by this 62 year old woman who is quite fascinating when she talks about where she’s been, the people she met and why this mission is important to her. Go take a look  on youtube, you’ll understand what I mean! image

06 Nov


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Haiti, what an amazing trip.

I went to Haiti to celebrate a friend’s 40th birthday. I hadn’t been there since 1997! What I like about Haiti the most….the people. Not only are they resilient but warm and welcoming. They also have a great sense of community, happy to share their home and meals. Sometimes, in North America, I feel we lack a bit of that. Unfortunately, the media chooses to always show the same images of Haiti. This is the one I chose to express how I felt when I was down there. Merci Haiti!!!

05 Sep

Building Self-confidence

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For the last week, to help my oldest son  build self-confidence, we started doing what we call a PRIDE BOOK. Every night, he has to write in his journal a good thing that he’s done. It can be anything from helping clean up the kitchen to sharing his toy with a neighbor to helping his younger brother with his homework….I noticed already a change of attitude. I find that he feels better about himself.  We’ve also noticed that his mood in general has improved.

I think it’s an exercise we should all do. It forces you to come back on your day…looking at the positive aspects. In a way,  It reminds me of the gratitude journal Oprah talked about several years ago….to find, daily , one thing that we are grateful for.

In a month or two, my son will read his journal entries and feel good about himself. It should allow him to better react to criticism from us, his parents, or his teachers and friends.

What did you do today that you are proud of?