Superfoods to help cleanse your body!

Hey guys,

I wanted to share this info with you. If you are like me, after indulging in food and beverages during the Holidays, you want to cleanse your body without doing a drastic diet!  Here are some superfoods I read about that will help you get back into shape……Make a drink with apple and pineapple once a day. Drink this in the morning or mid-day before a meal. Avoid removing the pulp, which is high in fiber and good for the colon. Apples are good for the intestines  and Pineapples contain vitamins, minerals, fiber and enzymes which help promote healthy digestion.  A third fruit you should get…Lemon…Drink  glasses of water with a few squeezes of lemon. Drink this about an hour to two hours before bed. lemon is good for the liver, cleans out toxins and provides vitamin C. Let’s get our bikini shape back!!!!!